Writers: Write These Books!

Because I Can’t And They Must Be Written

1.) Tumbling: The Real Reason Why We Went From “Hope” to Hellscape Within A Decade

2.) Accelerated Climate Change for Dummies

3.) The New American City: What We Can Learn From The Fastest Growing Most Progressive Cities In The Country

4.) Two Steps Forward: Why The Left Is Still The Right’s Bitch And What To Do About It Before it’s Too Late

5.) How to Break Up With Capitalism in Eighty Easy Steps

6.) 10,000 Ways Animals Got It Right Where We Got It Wrong, A Book of Biomimicry and Animal Ethics

7.) Gaslit: How A Man Won The Highest Office and Brought Down A Nation

8.) Surviving Armageddon For Hipsters: The Seas are Roiling, Schools Are War Zones, Pandemics Are Lapping At Our Shores, And A Dumb Trust Fund Bully is in the White House.

A Handbook for Finding Safe Passage When Hell Finally Breaks Loose.

9.) The Last Day of School: How Primary and Secondary Education Is Vastly Outdated And How To Go About Entirely Reinventing Education For Modern Times

Enough about weighty topics…

How about a tome size coffee table book?

11.) Encyclopedia of Objects: A Visual Catalogue Of Every Furniture Movement,Textiles Movement, Architectural Style, and Design Object Throughout Modern History

12.) The Single Parent’s Guide To Keeping A Clean House (The Only Guide to Housekeeping You’ll Ever Need )


Rapid Clean: How to Get — and Keep — Your House Clean. For Good.

There you go! Get to writing!

-Chauncey Zalkin

Creative writer and strategist / storyteller for brands. VP of Marketing at tech company. You can find me at www.chaunceyzalkin.com and www.slcontentstudio.com

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