Single Parenting in the Time of Corona

  1. The simple analogue pleasure of cutting their hair. Part of me has always wanted to be a hairstylist. I love the whole sensory experience of being in a salon — the smells of all the products combined, the tools of the trade, the lighthearted gossip, the feeling of someone washing and brushing your hair and the sound of the scissors. Both of my girls were starting to look like wildebeests so I watched a YouTube video, bought a pair of hair cutting scissors online and methodically cut my daughters hair yesterday in a clearing in the park across the street with the wind rustling in the tall pines around us. There was something ecstatic and deeply peaceful in the whole experience: giving care, love and grooming to my daughter, the sensory elements, how cute she is, and that I actually did a good job and didn’t have to fork over 50 bucks to a stranger to do it.
  1. Whipped cream. I was spraying a swirl of aerosol whipped cream on my kids strawberries when I realized how much my eating habits had changed and probably not for the better but in some ways I’ve let go of some of my food rules for the time being and though aerosol whipped cream isn’t the best for the environment or our health, the way we shop for food has opened me up to different ways of cooking and eating and there’s something good about changing routines and expanding what you are and who you are.
  2. Discovering and developing learning tools. From Scholastic to games like Teach Your Monster to Read to places like to games you can buy like Math Dice, I’m taking back ownership of my kids education and future. I just took on a full-time workload but in the early days of the pandemic, I spent nights exploring the latest in learning and teaching and since have watched the explosion in online tools and resources while those in charge tried to figure it out all too slowly. Online learning is only going to get better and you can figure out how to make it more human and interactive and collaborative as a family so there is time for solo learning, and time where you can bond and learn together.

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