Reminds me of my what my mom does. She gives people she barely knows these droopy sad eyes when she's heard through the grapevine they lost their husband, their job, their left boob. It's so gross, condescending and infantilizing. But seriously what are these drenched in whiteness people to do? Wouldn't it be refreshing for them to say 'I'm uncomfortable with blackness because _____ "I was taught white old men had all the deep thoughts" "my entire board is made up of smirking white male douches" "Karen and I meet once a week for coffee and she makes me feel better that at least I've got it better than someone out there" "The trope of darkness equaling scary and forbidden is so ingrained that I don't know how to claw my way out of my own odor of superiority" "I don't know how to stop commodifying black culture" and so on. That awareness would be better. On the other hand, this painful awkwardness is a good first step for people who used to say "racism is over." At least they are awake to the fact it is not.

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