Now’s The Time To Rethink Basically Everything

The white gaze still looks more like anthropology than equality.

We do this because in most communities, and very notably in the south where I now live after years in Fort Greene/Clinton Hill, Brooklyn and a childhood in multicultural Miami, people who are not the same don’t know one another or speak to one another one-on-one or deeply enough to escape the ‘othering’ that poisons our sprawling car-dominated society. No matter how many somber promises people make to take responsibility and learn about race through books and Instagram quotes, we — all people — are always going to look at people who are different from us as ‘other’, as a thing to be judged and abstracted, either positively or negatively, if we don’t spend time with one another.

The white majority that stole, oppressed, suppressed, co-opted, disfigured, fetizized and patronized, is dying…Now’s the time for rethinking basically everything.

Things won’t change until we wander away from our groups. People have a really hard time doing that. I am aware living now in North Carolina that if I wander into a black owned business today that the people in there will know exactly what I’m up to, or assume that what i’m doing is virtue signaling, taking a Black Lives Matter stance in the moment. Being some kind of hero. I’m not saying don’t do it. In fact do it. Definitely do it. But that’s not going to solve everything. The issue is even bigger than ‘not listening.’

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