No More You Never Know

Contemplating Spontaneity, Chance Encounters, and a Predictable Life One Year into the Pandemic

Thoughts of ‘future’ have started to rise to consciousness.

In April 2019 I had a plan to move to the Hudson Valley. Then my dad died and by June, I’d given into a different, easier choice that landed me here, in this blue house, in an interesting job role, in an entrenched moment in history surrounded by arts and crafts cottages and good neighbors. That’s just one of many unexpected turns in my life. Ones we all have. I am forever fixated on these. I always reflect on the 2–4 steps that have taken me in a new direction, ones I would never ever have predicted. It informs a lot of my writing. To me, it’s one of the astounding things about life.

Creative writer and strategist / storyteller for brands. VP of Marketing at tech company. You can find me at and

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