Films to Inspire Creativity

With Writing Prompts To Get You Working

I’ve chosen a list of movies that combine delving into other worlds, rich uses of metaphor and fantasy, and a couple of inspirational documentaries following some of the most stimulating creatives and observant creative thinkers of our time who have a purity of purpose about them.

These movies are immersive experiences that will inspire awe and the courage to stop thinking about art and start (or keep) doing it. Get the popcorn popping, put your phone down, it’s movie time!

Spirited Away

Here’s Why:

Hayao Miyazaki takes you deep down a rabbit hole of amazing imagination. He builds a world and sucks you into it. The illustrations, the storyline, the scenery, is so truly original. You can build anything when your doubts and inner ‘shoulds’ melt away.

Writing prompt:

One page, create a fictional world that is as intensely strange as you could possibly imagine.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Here’s Why:

Heartbreak, fantasy, longing, existentialism, all of the difficulty and pain of losing someone you love is turned into a beautiful work of art. If you have never seen Michel Gondry’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, definitely drop everything.

Writing prompt:

What if you could erase part of your life from your mind, imagine what would be different today.

Chungking Express

Here’s Why:

Let’s face it: love and infatuation are huge wellsprings of creativity. This movie encompasses so much playfulness and engagement in interior life and fantasy that it’s bound to inspire you to tap into yours.

Writing prompt:

Either write a memory of your biggest crush and the most outlandish thing you did in the name of love or write a scene about what you would do in the name of love if nobody were to judge you.

Anything by David Lynch

Here’s Why:

Even if you’re not a huge fan of the surreal and the strange, David Lynch is the master par excellence of unearthing the weirdness of modern society and stretching it to grotesque and gorgeous proportions.

Writing prompt:

Look at something we take for granted in modern society as being normal and write an essay about how strange or perverse this actually is.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Here’s Why:

This story of a humble perfectionist shows what it’s like to be the best and strive for excellence for the sake of it; not for the glory but simply for the beauty of perfect craftsmanship.

Bill Cunningham New York

Here’s Why:

Here is another practitioner of his craft doing it because he loves it and being steadfast in it. Yes, he’s admired by the entire fashion industry, but he is not showy or striving. His passion and curiosity pour out of this film.

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