A Gorgeous little book on Borges

The Morning Mind — Day 2 of The 100 Day Project of Daily Fiction Writing

Last night I was reading a memoir by Jay Parini of his time with Jorge Luis Borges that kept me up past my bedtime. We’ve now just met the magical realist writer and he is wearing a tie described as having orange waterfalls and fish and the remnants of many meals. I ‘lol’d. You can’t create archipelagos of reality and color with a clean tie. When you’re trying to push through your defenses and mental chatter, something’s going to end up on your clothes.

Each one of Borges works is a jewel box. How do you get to the perfect symmetry and tone of such a work from a place of endless digressions in your mind? This morning alone I’ve analyzed online dating sites which still to me, to view, is an exercise in torture so antithetical to my ideas of love and courtship. Little scrolling squares of cheap sales by bad copywriters. It’s devoid of poetry. It’s banal and vulgar. I look because it’s my 21st century duty like replacing the wheels on my Roomba.

My monster story is about being duped by a disguised malignant shell entity that feeds off all of your goodness and wonder. My mind goes back to the origin story for that and rests awhile. I think about the unflinching sadism of a Lars von Trier movies which are all trojan horses of mass violence dolled out to unsuspecting cinephiles in their arthouse seats.

Then, reaching a dead end on those topics, I nervously sat to write day 2 of #100dayproject. I veered away from my instinct to write a service piece or listicle and can’t bring myself to publish unfinished pieces of fiction so here I am opening up frustrated contents of a morning mind. Not all mornings produce pearls. But the day’s just getting started.🌈

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Creative writer and strategist / storyteller for brands. VP of Marketing at tech company. You can find me at www.chaunceyzalkin.com and www.slcontentstudio.com

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